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Sunday, July 03, 2011

the answer

My life feels a little shattered at the moment, like a piece of glass upon which too much pressure has been applied. Can't say too much about it now, but we've sent out a very important Question to which we will receive the Answer tomorrow.

Having been busy with very light cleaning and cooking soup until now, I haven't had much time to think about the situation. Now that I am trying to connect with my feelings to write a smidgen, I find that I need to focus on something else.


My dear Aunt has forwarded some additional information about my grandfather and grandmother in response to the two posts I've published about them before.

My grandfather was a great storyteller. He would tell long and interesting stories about his hunting trips or about his days as a student. He was very involved in student politics back then - it is said that he even helped tar and feather a fellow student because of the guy's "alternative" political views. He was also an avid rugby player and was deeply immersed in  student life at Sonop, the men's hostel at the University of Pretoria in those days.

He was a great lover of nature and a born outdoorsman. When my aunt was born and he held her for the very first time, he called her his little blue wildebeest!

He loved gadening. There was a large orchard on their property with a magnitude of fruit as well as an enormous vegetable garden with fresh veggies daily and yellow corn from the land. There was also cows that produced fresh milk.

He was addicted to fresh tomatoes and had one with every meal. I must have inherited that from him because I a love a ripe, juicy tomato. Pity The One doesn't like them because I never get to have them these days.

Both my aunt and my mother were born in the main bedroom of the house on the plot. After my mother was born my grandfather was overcome with joy and played his only record, "Bobbejaan Klim die Berg", an old folk song about farmers and baboons. He may have sung along. Apparently, my grandmother wasn't impressed by his antics!

Apart from children and young people, my grandmother also loved elderly people. But she never saw herself as old - even when she lived in the old age home, she would call her fellow residents there "the old people".

She was very fond of matching coulours and would reject something such as a washing cloth or a towel if the colour was inappropriate. As I have said, she was always very stylishly dressed and elegant.

In her younger days my grandmother won many trophies at the agricultural show for her flower arrangements as well as her jam and bottled fruit, which she learnt to cook from her mother in law, my great grandmother.

She adored her parents in law and often received a big bunch of freshly cut flowers from my great grandfather. He would also present them with a boerpampoen (a large variety of local pumpkin) out of his garden from time to time. She loved pumpkin, and as I have mentioned before, had it with every meal whenever she could.


I hope I live up to the standards of my forefathers.

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