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Sunday, July 31, 2011

die heuwels fantasties

Die Heuwels Fantasties is one of our favourite local bands. When Ilze let us know earlier this week that they would be performing at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens this afternoon, we were very glad that we would get an unexpected chance to see them live. So we agreed to go to their concert with Mother and Ilze; we'd picnic and have a good time.

The gates opened at 12:00, but we thought we could go a little later since the band was only scheduled to start their performance at 15:00. We arrived at 13:00, a little while before Ilze and Mother so that we could get ourselves a good spot. There we loads of people in the queue before us and it took us a while to get in. It was quite crowded inside, especially on the large lawn right in front of the stage - as you can see. But that was in the bright sun with no shade. We walked on and found a quiet spot some distance from the stage in a nice bit of shade. Even in winter, you have to be careful of this African sun of ours. Especially when balding.

We were still able to see the stage clearly even though it was about 120m (400 feet) away. Then a hoarde of garden variety commoners came camping out right on our front lawn. One man was doubly inbred: a giant and a ginger. And he had a light skinned little ginger baby. The number of children between them was beyond obscene.

We decided to move off in a huff and parked our little camp some short distance from their blanketed nursery. They never even noticed, nye kultoorni.

See, that's them putting up their camp. Just look at that man's bad posture. What a shocking example for his children! I'm sure some of those brats had to be his, unless one of the other families had at least seven.

Anyway, that's my Love with his shiny BlackBerry Bold. With the commoners in the background.


The most shocking thing happened. I spotted my nemesis and he spotted me. He moved away. Maybe it wasn't him, my eyes aren't their best these days.


We really enjoyed the show. After our picnic lunch Ilze, The One and I crept closer to the stage to ogle a little. Our spot in the shade had turned out to be freezing and I basked in the sun. I patiently waited for the congealed lumps of fat around my middle to thaw and start circulating blood before I froze my ass off.

Yes, this is the best photo I got of the stage. It's that small thatched structure you can just make out. I only had my phone and its crappy camera, OK?

They sang our favourite song (Nare Kaskenades) when we stood at the stage and they really lived up to their name. Fantastic. I got goosebumps from the music and tears from the blazing sun. I had broken rule number two of Survival in the African Sun: I had left my sunglasses in the car.

So, sometimes I feel I really need a day out and away from all the mounds of excrement I have to trudge through every day. Today was such a day and I am very thankful for having been afforded such a revitalising day with my nearest and dearest.

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