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Sunday, August 14, 2011

glorious day

It is a glorious day. I was up at 7:00 as usual to feed the cats and let the dogs out. Then I got back into bed, ignored the blaring alarm at 9:00 and slept through The One's sporadic snoring until 10:00.

The One is still asleep. In the hour since I got up, I've cleaned up the kitchen and gave the stove a good scrubbing with Chemico. It looks practically new. Then I fed the ravenous dogs. At the moment, I am doing the washing. The One is back at work so there is a huge amount of dirty clothes. It will take me the entire day, which is why I wanted to get started as early as I could manage.

Lizz is asleep in the sun atop the refrigerator. The sunlight has a special quality today and the birds' songs seem more cheerful than it has been of late. There is a cool breeze but it is not cold by any means.

Lizz still won't pose for a photo. She'd been fast asleep a moment before I snapped this one. Vicky does pose, though. Just see what a beautiful cat she's become. The One snapped the amazing photograph a few days ago.

Please excuse the grimy windows in the background, but I just don't know how to get to them to clean them. I'd somehow have to get on the roof of the garage adjacent to our flat and I really can't see that happening.

I simply can't resist posting another photo of our new house. This one shows the side yard - the window on the right is the second bedroom with the bathroom beyond it.

Back to the real world: even though it is a glorious day, I've brought work home and I had better finish it.

I hope your day will be as beautiful as mine is.

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