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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

half full part deux

A little update on my last post.

Just to refresh your memory: I wrote about half a car the Landlord has been working on right outside our side door. See the photographs.

The day after I published that post, I arrived at home around 18:30 after a long day of web training for work. That was yesterday. I was amazed to find the scaffolding and railing in front of our parking spot gone. The garage door had been closed and the entire area had been cleaned. Again, see the photograph. Spot The One hiding from the camera around the corner?

I wonder if the post had anything to do with the sudden cleanup.

The spot at the front of our car now contains only a small amount of useless stuff: some engines and wedling equipment beyond the bonnet as you can see on the photo.

Check the driveway facing in the other direction, however. Tonnes of crap, including an Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 2.5 Automatic which hasn't driven in at least 10 years. Excuse the panting, but unfit I just ran donwstairs to check the model numbers on the back of the car for you and then unfit I ran back up the stairs to bring you the news. Then I had to pop downstairs again for the chocolate I'd left down there.

Want more filth on the Landlords? All right.

This photograph shows the area right underneath our balcony. This collection contains rusty metal contraptions which resemble aircraft parts. More welding equipment. Louvre awning parts. A giant Christmas tree which has lain in the wind and sun every Christmas for the two years that we've been living here, and most probably for much longer. Stadium seats. You can even see part of the next door neighbours' yard.

I guess we feel we really need our own little place.

Anyway, I thought this new information would fit in nicely with the previous post.

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