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Sunday, August 07, 2011

half full

We returned home late this afternoon from a short visit with Mother, Ilze and Cas. I finally had some time as well as a little reserve energy to do one of my favourite chores. Cleaning the cat litter while I try to re-organise my muddled mind.

I've started lining the entire cat litter room with newspaper in an attempt to keep the carpets clean. It has not had the desired effect, as I could instantly see when I squirmed into the narrow little room. It looked like a hoard of crazed rats had attacked the newspaper, shredding every bit. At least the newspaper had served to keep the odour to a minimum.

Still, I almost passed out from the ammonia fumes several times. You may find that my train of thought for this post is a bit erratic. It's only those goddamned fumes.

Anyway, what I started thinking about today is whether I am the glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person. I don't remember the answer to that one, but I progressed to thinking about halves in general.

Earlier at Mother's I had asked her to show The One a very special scarf that was one half of an expensive gift my father's employers had once presented him with. The other half of the gift was a necktie with the identical colourful design. I love it; it really is very beautiful. So, we buried my father wearing his necktie. One day we will bury Mother wearing her scarf. That way, wherever they meet again, my parents will recognise each other instantly.

Another half I thought about is the half a car just beyond our side door. The Landlord has opened one of the garage doors which has never happened since we came to live here, revealing half a of some ancient vehicle. This afternoon when we got back I crept into the garage and saw that it is actually a Land Rover Defender. Last week the Landlord and two workers erected a very shaky contraption and lifted the engine into the battered chassis. I guess it's a little more than half a car now.

The final half I remember thinking about is something I've mentioned before. Now I know I've been beating around the bush, but I can reveal that we are waiting for a large financial transaction to be finalised. It has been in limbo for a while, half done with no further progress. As soon as the final hurdles have been cleared, I will reveal all here.

The cats' new litter is lavender scented antibacterial crystals. I sniffed at them, but I suppose the scent only comes out when peed on.

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