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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I often find myself these days pondering dour things such as our current situation and how we will soon be handing over more than 67% of my salary to the banks so that we can live in a house which belongs to them and could belong to us far, far into the unknown future.

There's also Mother's major problems with her house. And some stuff I am not allowed to write about yet also sits heavily on my shoulders. At work, I feel like a heavily bleeding person bobbing helplessly in the ocean with the Boss who is on me like a ravenous shark, bent on my destruction. She hardly even looked at the calendar which I spent my Sunday creating.

The accounts are heaping up and tomorrow I have to pay some random attorney more than R12,000 just to put the house in our names.

We also got a Cell C broadband deal because our Vodacom one has expired. We can't connect to the internet, however. One of 3 things are wrong - defective modem, no signal reception or Autopage still hasn't activated the goddamned sim card. Tomorrow I also have to sort out this mess while trying to keep that shark off my voliminous ass. In the meantime, I will use our saved MTN airtime.

Well, when I can't take it anymore, just like Karen Blixen, I study a sketch I've made of our new house. We have been unable to procure the actual house plans from our evasive estate agent, but I look at my drawing and dream about the lives which we will live there. The proportions are off at a tangent, but I soldier on and build our future lives, elevated from the shit in which we are wallowing now.

And so, here is a photo of my safe place. It is the drawing which I keep next to the bed, within reach in the darkness when the monsters want to drag me off.


The photo shows the layout looking North from the front door with the living room in the foreground. Beyond that is the spare bedroom and the bathroom to the right. The kitchen is at the bottom right and the main bedroom off the photo to the right.

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