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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a pleasant discovery

I looked over our balcony wall, spying into the neighbours' enormous yard, hoping to see something interesting because my husband was busy with work he brought home again and I did not want to disturb him. I guess I was trying to amuse myself.

I spotted an ageing man and a younger one sitting on a bench on the lawn seriously discussing something. One of their very loud and stupid dogs was sitting on the young man's lap. We can't place the breed. Their discussion did not interest me. I stepped down from the brick protecting the only clivia that has survived from our time in Clarina, named Petunia. The brick along with the little spade and watering can covering the potting soil was placed there to keep the cats from sending Petunia to an ammonia overdose like her sister, Gerda the Rose. She passed away when Lizz decided to turn her pot into her outdoor loo.

Anyway, as I stepped down I looked at Petunia and discovered her first buds, still protected from the cold. Here is a photo of the shy buds.

Petunia has made it through another winter just like we all seem to have. I've come to enjoy every season on its own and I am looking forward to seeing all the winter's hidden growth suddenly emerging in all of our lives.

Written by The One