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Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is is the 200th post. Just thought you'd like to know. Soundtrack for this post: Oh My Juliet! by Takashi Fujii from the Babel OST. Trust me, it'll make you feel better.


This is a photograph of the house that Mother lives in. Before The One came into my life, before this blog was even born, Mother and I both lived there. We rented it from landlords who live in the house next door. We moved there around 2004, the third house we shared after my father's death.

So The One arrived in October 2006 and moved in with me and Mother in November of that same year. On the extreme right of the photo, you can just see his yellow Mini, Gadget. This was before I drove over a very low gate rail and jammed the gearbox in second gear. We sold it like that later. The guy still owes us R500, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he's done us in.

In April 2007, not long after we started the blog, The One and I moved out and left Mother to her own devices. Here's what we looked like back then.

How thin and bright we both were! That's The One holding Mother's cat Saffron, who used to be mine.

To make a long story short, Mother's Landlords have gone belly up and has to sell the house as quickly as possible. Ilze and Cas put in an offer to buy it, but mysteriously the Landlords' son put in a higher offer right after that. There's nothing else for it; Mother is to be uprooted and transplanted elsewhere.

Just for added fun, she will be moving at the very same time that we have been told we would be able to move into our new house. To refresh your memory, here is a photo of the house we've bought.

This one shows the side door and the spare bedroom, which we've been thinking about using as the main bedroom so we can use the bigger bedroom as study cum guest bedroom.

Anyway, I'm just beating around the bush. Those of you who've read this week's posts will know that life around me is in a state of upheaval. Mother and I have always been very closely connected telepatically, if you believe in those things. It is as though all of this sudden upheaval in her life has traveled across space-time and entered my own life.

I feel as though I'm taking crazy pills again. I am terrified of losing my sanity the way people do when they are placed under extreme pressure. There are so many things happening at once, in my personal life but at work as well and it is proving to be unbelievably challenging.

Sometimes I have no idea where all the energy and the money is to come from.


I can't end a post on such a distasteful note, so I sprinkled the cats with fairy dust (you may call it catnip) and watched them transform into little angels for some time. The wonderful sunlight atop the fridge made the moment even more magical.

If I have a Fairy Godmother, now would be a good time to drop in and sprinkle me with fairy dust.

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