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Sunday, August 28, 2011

working sunday


I am hard at work with work stuff,, so please excuse the fact that you will not have my undivided attention today. I shall be adding to this post all day and post it by this evening.

I should have done my home-work yesterday, but since it was my first Saturday off in six weeks, I had to be up at 6:30 to take Geoffrey for his bi-monthly shave. Then I had the car professionally cleaned inside and out for the first time in 6 months. Honestly, stuff was starting to grow on it. Anyway, when I returned home after 11:00 from my odyssey, I had no energy left for work.

My boss had woken me at 10:00 with more work stuff. I was not impressed, since it was a matter that was not urgent and could have waited for tomorrow.

Anyway, it seemed this was going to be a working Sunday.

I am also juggling the washing in my little act today. I just hung the first load out to dry. When putting up the dry rack outside, I heard it make a little squeaky noise. I wanted to hear it again and I swung the side panel up and down a few times to make it squeak, listening with delight to the funny little sound.

Then I felt that someone was watching me. I think it was the people from next door, though I never saw one of them. Well, never mind since we've seen the man do an odd thing once as well. We were braaing on the balcony one evening when he went into the bathroom which we can see into without really wanting to. He closed the door, pulled off his pants, wiped his behind with a wad of toilet paper which he flushed down the toilet, pulled up his pants and went out. You have to wonder.

We just acted as if nothing happened, civilised people that we are.

So, time for a little work. I am doing an A1 wall calendar design. Here's what I ve done so far with the photograph which will appear at the bottom of the calendar. Yes, I know. His mane needs more work.

See you a little later.



The One has taken over the washing, which gives me a few more minutes to post. Things like this is why I love the man.

Ive been working hard at the image for the calendar and this is how far I am now. I've fixed the lion's mane and fudged some grass behind the lioness and in front of the lion or they would take up too much space on the calendar. Not an easy task by any means. Better get started with the calendar stuff, but first I have to add the ugly page curl effect which the client absolutely loves and must have.



Saving these huge images take extremely long. The file size is 182MB! So I'll write a little while it is busy saving. I save to the original file, which automatically makes a backup. Then I save to another backup file and it also automatically makes a backup of that file. So I have 4 files, of which 2 are older versions. I have learnt my lesson with corrupt CorelDraw files. I also restart the programme each time after saving.

Waiting some more. As I said, these files are HUGE. Finally done. Now I'll start populating the background with the dates and so on.



CorelDraw has just crashed and I am waiting for it to restart. See why I keep so many backup files?

I've done some more faffing and still haven't put in the dates. I decided to change the tired look for next year's calendar, but I have kept many of the elements. Here this year's one is shown to the left of my new design.

Better start hurrying up. I've 4 more jobs to do.



Almost done with the calendar. Some faffing left as well as the holidays and school terms, but getting there.

The One has played piano and cleaned the kitchen.



DONE! Finally. And if I was the client, I would really be impressed. Much cleaner and up to date than this year's one.

I have a lot more to do, but I won't bore you any further.

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