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Saturday, September 03, 2011


The One is visiting his sister in Benoni, so I am home alone with some sleepy pets and my own boring company. There is the small box of wine in the fridge, but I want to keep it for later when The One is back. Being tipsy on your own is no fun.

So far, I've played Sims for a bit, snoozed for an hour and eaten half a sack of salt and vinegar chips. Not much to show for my time, then.

Maybe I should daydream about our house. We are expecting to move in on or around 23 September - less than 3 weeks from today. We have yet to buy a single box to start packing into.

This badly taken photo, shamelessly stolen from the estate agents' website, shows the second bedroom which as I've said we are hoping will take a double bed so that we can use the larger main bedroom as a study and spare bedroom. All the stuff we want to stick in there won't fit in the smaller room. There's the desk with the computers and a shared desk chair. Three bookcases filled with books. The One's piano and stool. Piano stool.

Down the line we want to add another small desk for my computer so that The One can have his keyboard out permanently. At the moment, my computer takes up too much space on the desk and when he wants to use the keyboard, we have to move my computer out of the way. The rest of the time it sits in a urine drenched box.

If our bed does not fit into the smaller room, we'll end up having the main bedroom as bedroom and study, and the smaller one as spare bedroom. I really want our bedroom to be just that. A bedroom. Sacred. If there's no one asleep in there, the door (a proper one) will be firmly shut. I am thoroughly sick and tired of having to wash urine-soaked bedclothes. Well, I'll do it if it's The One or my urine, but hopefully incontinence is still a large number of decades off.

Maybe we will be able to move or remove the built in cupboards you can just see on the bottom left of the photo. Then there'll be a kind of alcove into which we can recess the bed.

I hope our plan works. I've only been inside the house twice (The One only once!), but I remember the tenants have a double bed in the smaller room. I think the one side is right up against the wall, though. Not ideal, because whoever sleeps against the wall will be kind of trapped when wanting to sneak off into the night.


Our new, extremely tight budget does not allow for DSTV (cable). We don't even have a normal UHF aerial since we left the one we bought behind at Riviera Close, together with our satellite dish. This flat has built in DSTV which we cheaply share with the landlords, so we didn't think we'd need the dish or satellite when we moved in more than two years ago. In other words, we will not have any television at all until we have an aerial at least, but we are cutting it so finely that we won't be able to afford it for some months.

Better get used to daydreaming. And watching our own DVDs over and over, like the constant reruns on DSTV.

I just thought of something else we won't be able to afford, crossed off the budget as it is. I'm opening that box of wine now. Aren't wine box manufacturers just a bunch of sadists? I hate playing find-the-inverted-nipple.

Anyway, I'm going off drinking now. I think these two hours have been better spent than the three before it, don't you?

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