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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I really am quite exhausted tonight, so you'd better appreciate this post.

The son of a friend of my boss died tragically over the weekend in a car accident at the age of 24. The boss was quite upset and not her usual self. Starting Monday, I worked on the funeral brochure and I can tell you that working with dead people really takes it out of me. As I work on these kinds of things, my mind wanders and I keep thinking of my own death and the deaths of those around me. If I die, will someone go to as much trouble for me and my funeral as I have done for young Tegan McKenzie?

Anyway, The One is watching "Black Swan", but I simply do not have the energy to use my mind anymore tonight. After posting this, I'll loll in front of the computer playing Sims.

As I've said, we gave the landlords notice over the weekend because we will hopefully be moving soon. We haven't seen the lady landlord since handing our notice to the man landlord. This evening when I got home, she came out as soon as I parked the car. She must have been waiting for my return. She wasn't very friendly and only wanted to ask us if she could show the flat to prospective renters since she had taken an ad in the classifieds. We had to say yes, of course. She unfroze a little and asked out about our house - where was it, how big was it.

I am glad that's all over with, because it lay before me like an insurmountable mountain. Now we just have to get through the next few weeks - packing, cleaning. Stressing.

Rest In Peace, Tegan. It feels like I know you.

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