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Sunday, September 18, 2011

losing it

This morning I had to get up quite early to go and help Mother with some chores. When I wanted to drive off, I was unable to find my wallet anywhere. I'd definitely had it when I returned home yesterday. Now it was just nowhere to be found. I looked upstairs, even in between the debris left from our dinner last night. I looked downstairs in the dirty laundry, in my satchel, behind the bookcase where stuff always hide. I looked in the car twice. Nothing.

I was about to phone the bank to cancel our cards when I remembered that I had cleaned all the accumulated crap (empty fag boxes, till slips, out of the car last night for Mother's trip today. I don't like her to see what a mess we can let even the car get into. Anyway, I looked in the outside dustbin and, lo and behold, my wallet lay smiling back at me. Intact.

Thank Deus for that because getting a new driver's license card would have been very expensive, not to talk about the time I would have had to take off work. And the effort and expense to get all our cards replaced does not bear thinking about.

Overnight, I have become terribly forgetful. I think it is because I am so preoccupied and under shiploads of stress with the imminent move. Besides, work is not even hectic these days, it is sheer and utter hell every moment that I spend there. I haven't told anyone at work we are moving on Saturday. It's none of their goddamned business.


I hadn't even had to wait for the alarm to wake me at 7:00 this morning, since dear little Anna woke me at 6:00, hungry and with a bursting bladder. I let her out with her two brothers and then fed all six of them pets. Six? Yes, six. I'll tell you about our political refugee at another time. We have to protect her identity for a while yet, for fear of retaliation.

Of course, Anna chose to use the inside loo instead of the great outdoors - the carpet right next to my side of the bed. I have a feeling we will have to get some industrial horse dung cleaning equipment before too long. That"s Alfred's best attempt to the right of Anna's poop of Biblical proportions.


While searching for my wallet in the cool morning, I also discovered that I've misplaced the work's backup hard drive, which I am the keeper of. Most likely I left it at work for the boss to discover. What negligence! I just can't imagine the volumes of trouble I'm going to be in tomorrow. Well, I'm sleeping with Prince Semi Sweet Red for one of the last times in my foreseeable future, so bugger all work related stress.


We bathed darling Anna this afternoon. Hailing from a farm, she was quite muddy. As if we had plucked her from the soft earth.

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