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Sunday, September 25, 2011

the move

I had every intention of posting last night but we were just so pooped that we crashed in bed right after having had a bath. We'd had guests as well, right after moving in. They brought us a breadmaker as housewarming gift and the most delicious pizza for dinner.

We have no shower here so we shared a bath to save water and electricity. It was absolutely wonderful - it is definitely a two person bath.


On Friday night, the old place was so full of boxes that at one stage The One and I couldn't even reach each other. That's him doing his best Rodin impression.


The very first night in our new house was quiet and uneventful. At first I was very alert and the smallest sound startled me. But then I dozed off and slept soundly. Very soundly in fact - Anna was sick on my pillow at some time in the night and I slept right through the episode. I even rolled through the sick a number of times when turning over. I busy am washing all the bedclothes at this moment.

The move itself went as well as can be expected but I was appaled at how grimy the old place had become. Especially when we discovered the mountain of filth that had accumulated under the fridge and washing machine in the 30 months we had lived there. I had to bribe the foreman of the removal company to load our desk in the truck because I had not specified it on the inventory form. Even though we'd decided to bring the television, microwave oven and some paintings in the car ourselves - things that had been specified.

Also, when they tried to reverse the truck into our panhandle stand, they drove into the gate post and bent it out of shape. We fixed it as best we could. I suppose you get what you pay for and Eezi Move had been the cheapest.

It started raining lightly a few times but luckily it didn't prove to be a problem. By 13:15 the removal company left and we took Mother home. She'd kindly supervised all the pets all through the move and saved us some extra stress.


We returned to the old place to clean up this morning and to get some small things we'd left behind. We overslept some but we left around 8:30 and were done by 12:00. Floors mopped, kitchen and bathroom scrubbed and carpet vacuumed.

So we're finally in our house and even though it took more than four months, in the end it all happened very suddenly. We are extremely impressed with our new house, as are the pets. Well, most of them. The cats are still a little rattled, but I think they will be all right.

The One has been unpacking while I wrote this post. Almost everything is in it's place.

That's it for now - I'm off to hang the clean laundry on our very impressive outside washing line.

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