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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new broom

New brooms sweep clean, they say. Today I had to buy a new broom because I broke the old one in half just as we finished cleaning the old place on Sunday. Cash unexpectedly materialised in my bank account and I had enough to get a proper broom. That's darling Anna in the background.

 I had to move two pink ones out of the way. I can't be doing with a pink broom, could you? They had them up high against a wall; so high that I had to stand on tiptoe and stretch. I would have loved to get an orange one to go with the lovely material with an orange print that Dirk and Alex brought us from Tanzania (that's The One's twin brother and his husband for the newbies). We use it to hide the washing machine when not in use.

Anyway, they were fresh out of orange brooms and I had to settle for the magenta-purple one. Hanging with the brooms were those extra long feather dusters. That transported me instantly to a well remembered scene from my childhood - my grandmother and Ilze (my sister) bat hunting in the rafters in the kitchen on the plot. Ilze must have been 10 years old and I 7. My grandmother wore a hat and made Ilze wear a hat too, in case one of the bats tried to nest in their hair. The thought of that happening terrified her.


We just went for a smoke outside in accordance with our no-smoking-inside-the-house policy. While outside, we heard the diagonal neighbours loudly arguing outside. We couldn't see them nor they us, but we heard every word they said. The man called his small son a "fkn sod". Then the woman passionately said, "You are mine!". Sounds like we can expect regular live entertainment from there, then.

The noise people make outside really doesn't bother me anymore.

New brooms? Clean indeed.

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