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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the worst week of my life - tuesday

Just to jolt your respective memories:

We are moving in 3 days.

Work really, really sucks and I have sent my CV to an excellent and very lucrative prospective employer. Let's all hold thumbs, now!! What do you think?

I have more than 10 years experience in all aspects of the printing industry - sales, graphic design, pre-press, production and quality control. I can contribute loyalty, reliability, accuracy and enthusiasm.

Also, we have procured a baby Rottweiler and taken in another mysterious creature which sucks up mounds of energy as well as cash.

On top of all this, my dearest Aunt Alda is off traveling the world. We received this jet-setting e-mail from her:

On behalf of Alda

Hello to all. I am over-exhausted but alive!!!!
Feet look like balloons from all the heat, humidity & walking.

Walked Rome & Florence to death. Today we move on to Nice for 2 nights and then into the mountains of Switzerland.

My heart is jumping with joy (no surprise considering the tour director - Jenny's opinion!!!!)

Having fun.

Love to all.
Alda (dictated to Jenny).

Yes, life is good.

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