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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have to admit that we've already had some problems adjusting to our new lives here.

It feels as though we've already lost sight of our ideals; ideals for the house but also for ourselves and the way we want to live our lives. Anyway, we shall simply have to pull ourselves out of the cesspool we find our lives to have become.


I actually had a better day at work today, even though I find it vulgar to have to work Saturdays. It was only half a day and there was no constant bitching and moaning and an atmosphere of rotten egg. I know I will be in serious trouble as usual on Monday because I did not do enough at work today. But I have had enough of working myself to the bone for nothing. I worked calmly from 9:00 and when it was 13:00, I locked the door and came home. No staying late if I can escape it at all; if there is too much work, it is not my goddamned problem.


I think we are slowly awakening to our new responsibilities and sorting out our lives. I like it.

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