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Sunday, October 16, 2011

anna part deux

Isn't life just a battle?

At this very moment, for instance, dear Anna is fighting for her life in an animal hospital far, far away. Since yesterday she has been lethargic and refused food and water. She vomited a few times and had diarrhoea. We had an anxious night with her. She slept a lot but vomited throughout the night. This morning, we hastily took her to a vet that Mother highly recommends - she has saved at least three of my mom's pets. Besides, she is flexible in the accounts department.

The One and I drove there at 10:00 this morning. We were early and they only opened at 11:00 but at least we were first in the row. We managed to arrange the finance before seeing the young vet. She did a little test immediately and confirmed our worst fears: Anna has contracted canine parvovirus. Most probably from playing in the cats' litter tray.

The long and the short of it is that Anna is being medicated and given symptomatic treatment since there is no cure for the virulent little bastards. Except for vaccination, which reminder got lost completely in the tumultuous move here. She has to fight the virus herself and there is not a bloody thing we can do for her except to fervently hope.


I was going to post some photos of flowers from the garden, but then I didn't feel right on such a sombre day. I have decided to post the photos anyway. Flowers from the garden for Anna.

We love you.

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