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Sunday, October 23, 2011

happy day

I slept until 10:00 this morning and it was wonderful. I did have to get up at 6:00 to let the dogs out and to feed Anna her hellishly expensive Hills Prescription Diet I/D pellets, but I was in automatic mode and I sounsly slept through the entire excercise.

We are all happy today. The One and I merrily cleaned up after a hectic week and as the house became more and more presentable and hygienic, all of our 9 moods lifted. Sunlight streamed into the open windows and doors and a light breeze played with the curtains, filling the house with glorious fresh summer air.

We're in the fiery claws of a heat wave and temperatures are skyrocketing. Over here, the expected temperature is 35°C (95°F). Elsewhere it could reach as high as 44°C (111°F). Even so, everyone is outdoors and enjoying life.

Fortunately, the feline acclimatization programme has proved to be a resounding success and the cats now have hours of free reign outside with only slight supervision from us. They have all been on their best behaviour with not even one attempted escape. Sometimes they even stay indoors when the doors and windows are open. And when they feel threatened outside, they find refuge indoors.

Lizz has never been this happy before.

Vicky loves exploring the garden.

The One We Do Not Speak Of avoids the sun when it is at its brightest; she rests on the bed instead with cool air wafting over her while listening to Callas with us. Each sound system in the neighbourhood is pumping out its own particular brand of boom; we're just joining in the fray with a more refined choice of music. Anyway, I can't post a photo of the entire pet yet, but I can assure you this photo shows the paw of a very happy animal. Let's just call her Mary for now, OK? Her response, which she typed herself: "]=="

I combined a smoke break with hanging the clean washing on the splendid outside washing line. In this weather the clothes dry in no time. The One was sitting in a shady spot outside, serenely typing away on his phone. Then sleepiness overcame him; he passed out on the bed surrounded by a variety of randomly scattered pets.

Alfred contently poses on the bed in front of the fan.

Geoffrey sleepily guarded the car before joining the sleepfest. The car is happy because it has nowhere to drive today.

Pippin has recovered from his ordeal and just loves his dangling bamboo cage.

Anna has also made a full and speedy recovery, no doubt due to everyone's prayers and the dedicated care of the women at Akasia Veterinary Clinic. She is her feisty self again. It is hard to believe that she was very close to death only a week ago.

And I am happily munching on a tuna mayo toasted sandwich, sipping ice cold Sprite. That's me outside with the fantastic washing line beyond. Today, life is good.

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