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Monday, October 31, 2011


Firefox suddenly no longer works and IE is just utter crap, so I am posting this from a freshly installed version of Chrome. For those of you who care.

We haven't mowed the lawn since moving in and with the heavy rains we've had the lawn is starting to take over. So a lawnmower has become a necessity, jumping the queue in front of the cats' sterilization.

Luckily our old landlords refunded our deposit in the week and I received a tiny bonus at work. So we had just enough for a special offer at Builder's for a minute Ryobi lawnmower and edge trimmer at R799.00

Of course, customer service being what it is in South Africa, they didn't know about the special offer and when I showed it to them in their own pamphlet, they found that they didn't have any left and I was forced to damn the budget and get the same combo but in Flymo flavour for some extra cash.

Anyway, we now have a petite orange lawnmower and orange edge trimmer. Upon assembly, however, we found that we will need some new-fangled bloody adaptor for the two expensive garden toys to work. I will fetch that from Builder's right after work tomorrow, along with some chicken wire to keep the neighbour's abused dog from coming into our yard.

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