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Thursday, October 13, 2011


We are attracting more and more pets. It's starting to become exponential now.

Last night The One and I were having an evening fag outside when something fluttered by in the darkness. At first I thought it was a bat, but when the tiny thing crash-landed on the ground not far from us, we saw that it was in fact a lime and yellow Budgerigar.

Anna was on top of it at the speed of light, but I was right on her heels and I stopped the most damage as she instinctively bit into the poor defenseless thing. Even so, you can see that one wing was quite badly damaged. Given our current situation a vet is out of the question and we shall have to nurse Pippin, for that is his name, as best we can. We think it's a "he". If proven otherwise, we'll just change it to Pippa.

So we saved the minute bird from certain and violent death and took it indoors. It was biting my hand but I did not let go as ran to the bathroom. I put him in the bath on top of a hastily grabbed towel and tried to comfort him. He was very, very scared and tried to fly off. After a while he calmed down and we brought him water and breadcrumbs, the most our modest cupboards had to offer.

Later we moved him to the spare bedroom for the night. I created a kind of nest out of rolled up towels. Luckily I was dead tired - 12 hours at work just takes it out of me - or my conscience would have kept me awake.


The One is doing casual work again at my unbearable job. We overslept this morning and forgot to check in on Pippin. Luckily The One only had the stomach for a half day shift and when he checked in after arriving home around 13:30 this afternoon Pippin was still alive.

My day was incredibly tense but I thought about the little bird often, especially when I had to face the unfairness and broooody atmosphere at work.

The One managed to beg an unused birdcage from his brother, which we collected at Dirk and Alex's home this evening after work. Thankfully I was able to leave work around 17:00 - not another 12 hour working day like.

Anyway, back home we had quite a search before we found Pippin had crept into the deepest, darkest hole he could find. I think he was going to just crawl up and die. It was a mission to get him out, but I managed to jam my arm between the cupboard and the wall far enough to grab a tail feather and drag him out. He squawked a lot but I carefully enfolded him in my hands and bore him to his cage, which I had meticulously prepared. I stocked it with the Budgie food and an apple that Dirk had graciously given us. Pippin attacked the millet seeds and ate voraciously.

I love the cage. It has a wonderful European homey shabby chic look. Pippin is very happy inside it too. I drove a cup hook into the ceiling in the spare room where I have securely hung his new home - out of the way of any harm; he is safe here. He has a bit of a battle getting around the cage with his damaged wing, but he is managing. I have to finish this post now so I can switch off the light and he can go to bed.

Please think of Pippin now and then.

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