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Sunday, October 02, 2011

settling in

We've been in our house a week and a day. Being in our own place has lived up to all our expectations. The pets also adore it here, especially the garden.

Today, we had our second set of guests when Cas, Ilze and Mother came to visit us. We could finally show them our wonderful little place. Cas being the handyman he is, welded our front door security gate back together. One hinge had snapped off last week when we moved in. We had a grand time and the weather stopped being nasty for long enough to give us a great afternoon. I love my family.

In preparation of their visit, we hung the curtains that we had received from The One's sister when he visited there yesterday. I would have gone along, but of course I had to work again.

I'd also asked Cas to bring along a hammer so that I could finally hang my small Guernica. Brilliant. And no, I don't own a hammer.

It started raining hard at around 17:30 and the guests had to pack up and go home. The rain turned into a lengthy hail storm not long after they left. The poor amarillas which we found in the garden and were about to flower have been devastated; torn to shreds.

All in all, I think we are settling in very, very well.

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