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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Today marks the end of the second week in our house.

The novelty of living in and owning the house may be wearing off, but we still really love it here. We have all kinds of (very expensive) plans on how we want to really make the place our own, but cash is seriously tight at the moment - the way we knew it would be when we signed the bond documents with Nedbank.

It is bare minimums at the moment and for the gardening equipment we absolutely need we've been able to beg, borrow and pay through our ears for a garden hose, a fork and a shovel so we can try to tame the wild shard of nature in our tiny garden.

I am rather glad that the rainy season has not properly started yet, because at the moment we only possess a pair of pruning scissors to mow the lawn with. We're hoping to get back our deposit from the ex-landlords soon so that we can buy one of those tiny lawnmowers. The best deal we've been able to find is a minute Ryobi petrol model at Chamberlain for R599.00, but that special offer must be over by now. Builders' best deal is R1599.00 for the same mower!

Anyway, enough about money.

Our lives have really improved in these two weeks. Incredibly, we are still keeping to our no smoking inside the house rule. Wonderful, especially since we have cut down on smoking by about 35% and the entire place doesn't smell of nicotine. But it is a pain having to go outside just for a fag.

The pets are also very happy here. The cats are still in quarantine inside; we practised the butter-on-the-paws old wive's ritual to keep them from running away. This morning I had them running free outside one by one for 15 minutes each to start to get them used to the strange odours and noises. That was at 7:30, after I had been woken by a very hungry Rottweiler baby demanding something to eat and would have my leg if I didn't hurry the hell up.

My DIY project for this weekend is trying to improve the paving outside the side door. I want to attempt to move some of the faux terracotta pavers you can see in the photo below to try and create a more uniform path. As you can see, I only managed to remove a small part of the bone dry lawn with the shovel this morning. After a while of sweating away, I gave up and decided we would need to buy a garden fork, as well as the vital connector we needed to get the hosepipe working. The one it came with doesn't fit our garden tap. As soon as the sun has moved some, I will jump in and move those stones.

Off we went to get the stuff at Chamberlain. Then we decided to stretch the outing to check prices on garden fencing at Builders and Safari. I would like to get the herb garden going and The One wants the veggie garden planted so that we can eat out of it. We found that it's utterly obscene what decent picket fencing costs. How do they expect us to be respectable at those prices?

We also had to get cat litter crystals. Those cats go through the stuff like a ho' goes through crack. One bag, one cat, one month? Not in this house, it doesn't. One bag, three cats, two days is more like it. I could help  out an ammonia factory in a shortage with the stuff our cats produce. I wish the feline acclimatisation programme was over so they can start doing their business outside the way it was intended.

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