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Sunday, November 20, 2011

this, that and the other

What started as a lazy Sunday turned into quite an industrious one.

Both The One and I had to get up a few times in the night to try to quench The Thirst. Around 2:30am our quests for liquid coincided and we decided to have a fag outside. I considered what the neighbours thought about the two of us but then I decided that I don't care, especially at that ungodly hour.

So we both slept very late. Sundays are so peaceful over here.

I served 5 seperate little pet meals (Alfred and Geoffrey shares) at 8:00 while still fast alseep. The meals are complicated and I almost fed Anna a bowl of Friskies Cat with Hairball Control.

That's another thing. The cats have all spitefully started shedding. They're doing it out of protest against their current house arrest. Well, they only have Vicky to thank for that. The shedding, however, is getting out of control entirely. Giant balls of cat fur waft through the house. I'm considering naming them. Honestly, the cats just know how freaked out I get about lots of cat hair. I will simply have to gracefully admit defeat.

I still have to do something about the hair. We used the communal pet brush to brush some puppy tick powder into Anna when she arrived, but the stuff is deadly to cats so we can't use the same brush on them again. Have you ever tried to remember to buy a cat brush when you're shopping for groceries after work? Maybe I should just hoover the spiteful little tarts.

Anyway, I noticed my mistake with the food before it was too late and Anna got her Bobtail Puppy. Alfred and Geoffrey got their congealed pet's mince with rice and veg; the cats their Friskies and Petleys. Then it was bathroom parade with the dogs outside. Anna peed on the living room floor right after coming back in for the remainder of our sleep. Also, while we slept all three dogs pooped inside. Right in front of the fridge. Right in front of the piano. I don't know what the hell they have to be spiteful about. 

I slept more soundly the second round, unwashed though I was and the place smelling like an outhouse. I dreamed about odd, forgotten things until The One brought me coffee in bed after 10:00. He is a dear man. We lazed about and I wondered if it was safe to do the washing or if it would rain. We smoked some fags. I went to the shops to get milk, toilet paper and some more fags. Given the current state of finances, we are forced to be sober.

Then we became all energetic and did some chores around the house which I had not imagined we'd do. We neatly replaced the tatty boards on the gate with recently acquired wire mesh. Seriously, it looks a treat. We worked out a proper list of groceries with prices and everything. I did the washing, The One did the dishes and made lunch.

At the moment I am baking a bread in Martha Ma-Baker Mellerware, our housewarming breadmaker. The bread is a snack for later and for my lunch tomorrow. There is a chicken casserole in the oven for dinner. The baking bread smells heavenly even though lunch was only two hours ago. Can't wait for it to be done. It's finished baking, but it must sit for another hour before it has cooled down enough to handle.

But because this is the digital age, I can fast forward and post a photo of the fresh, hot bread with melting butter. This is my way of being spiteful.

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