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Friday, December 30, 2011

gardening 101

The seeds The One planted a while ago have grown into healthy, beautiful plants. The giant dahlias started flowering last week and the carnations are budding. What a wonderful thing to have an entire bed of colourful flowers just like that!

The dahlias vary in colour from cerise to a soft angelic pink.

I hope we get some yellow ones too, the way they show on the packet. I think every garden should have at least one plant with yellow flowers.

The One finished weeding the bed by the side door today. I did our little outside smoking area on Wednesday and the place looks just dandy.

We discovered a random tomato plant as well as a pumpkin while poking around. There are 9 rapidly ripening tomatoes and two pumpkins, growing healthily without any assistance from us – it seems the gods look after their own.

Unfortunately, we also found some more garden pests besides the incessant weeds. These voracious little worms have destroyed two of our amaryllis and we narrowly escaped having the clivia infested. I now check it every day for them buggers. When I find them, I put them on the garbage bin’s sizzling lid in the harsh sun. They scorch and dry out like overcooked sausages... evil, that’s me. We've worked bloody hard in the garden and I’m not going to let anything destroy that.

I also found a huge slug and some tiny snails munching away, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

The driveway weeding is finally done and every edge has been painstakingly trimmed, bleeding fingers and broken back be damned. Now we can let anyone in again without having to want to hide in shame... pity the house inside isn't exactly in the same state.

There's the ever present washing and our dear, faithful, clean car. Yes, that’s barbed wire on the wall. That’s how we play it in this here country.

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