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Monday, December 12, 2011

getting rid of random stuff

I've found a brand new hobby which is a great stress reliever.

It may seem slightly odd, I admit. But it works.

I just start throwing away important things at random. Last night, for instance, I deleted a two page post for the blog before posting it. No copies saved anywhere. Don't worry, it was only me reflecting on the past year - you won't miss much.

I also got rid of a sealed bottle of beer, our only double bed fitted sheet and a threadbare shirt of The One's which he insists on wearing to work. Then I tossed Anna's expensive tick and flea liquid we bought only yesterday as well as an intact slab of Bournville Mint chocolate. My beloved glass casserole dish with its glass lid, still half filled with rice, was the final casualty.

Only three days left at work, if the boss is to be believed. Will I make it?

Watch this space; it may become exciting. A neighbour just enquired for all to hear from her child whether he'd been eating earth.

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