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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

not good enough part deux

Today was the second last day at work. Tonight I just can't bear having to go back to the orange and green hell tomorrow even though it is the last time this year. Fingers crossed.

I was all depressed at this thought when The One reported the latest he had overheard from the peasant neighbours to the Northwest. They have an obscene number of children. The One heard a little girl talking to her mother quietly. He didn't hear what she said, but the mother loudly retorted with:

Ja, julle het almal f*kn wurms, maar julle dink mos ek lieg vir julle!

Which roughly means:

Yeah, you f*ckrs all have worms; d'you still think I'm lying to you?

Anyway, today I became the disappointed owner of a rather measly bonus for all my hard work this year. It is 7% lower than last year's. Frankly, I think it is not good enough.

In this particular case, replace "pay rise" with "bonus".

The size of our planned holiday has diminished considerably. Not that we'd planned on going away; we'd wanted to get fences and plants and stuff for the garden and for the house. Now we will simply have to pay as many debts as possible and then sit at home without proper festive food, pretending we're both unemployed until I return to work early in January.

Still, The One and I will be in each other's company more than usual and I will get to sleep later than 5:15am, at which time I'd been getting up for work these two weeks.

I'd venture that you can bet your bottom $$$ that I will use every second of my holiday to find another job.

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