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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We've had a hectic day so far. I hope it will start slowing down. It is 14:09 now.

First, I had to be at work at 10:00am as reported yesterday. I was there early and Wendy only arrived at 10:21. It took me all of ten minutes to do my thing and after coffee and a fag I was off around 10:50, well in time to start the next stage of our travels: I was taking The One to see his therapist in town at 12:00pm.

We doodled about a bit at home before we left. I had to wait for an hour while The One's session was on, so I grabbed an old copy of the AA magazine which we hadn't even opened yet.

The magazine was captivating enough to make the hour pass quickly. The next patient joined me in the waiting room, a nervous-looking woman of about my age. She sat in a chair against the opposite wall, facing me. Drab clothes, drab hair. Drab green handbag which she tightly clutched. She had two calls on her cellphone, which device she had to fumble out of the handbag while it very loudly announced to all within earshot that she owned a Nokia. She went outside to take the second call, strangely leaving the precious handbag behind.

After we'd waited a bit she asked me if there was another patient with the therapist. I could see she was the chatty type, which I am rarely in the mood for. I barely grunted "Yes" after staring her down using my patented fierce scowl, so she backed off and went back to her chair, playing with her phone.

Then she fell asleep in the chair. The room was stifling and I could have managed a power nap myself. I dreamily read on when the woman suddenly encountered something frightful in her sleep and came awake with a loud "No, man". I did not bat an eyelash even though my heart was racing, given the nature of illnesses dealt with by that particular clinic. Still, I am thankful that all my sphincters are still in working condition.

Not much later The One opened the door to the purple sanctum, refreshed and energised by his session. We drove home and I told him everyting l'd read about Malaysia.

I thought about our travels with my mom during the holidays last year (here, herehere and here) and I longed to experience such happiness again.


I have a feeling that a longer, more difficult journey lies before The One and I. A road to recovery.

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