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Saturday, December 24, 2011


We've had some industrious days since my last post.

Wednesday, however, was not one of them. I slept until 12:49pm, which is really scandalous. My dearest man woke me with coffee at that time or I would have slept on indefinitely. We did absolutely nothing for the remainder of the day, feeling unusual and jaded from an overdose of sleep.

Out of remorse for our laziness the day before, on Thursday we cleaned the entire house properly. It was an immense task, but somehow we pulled through and around 13:00 absolutely everything including the floor was shiny and sanitary. Until we let the dogs back in.


Anna is growing at an alarming rate. She is a real darling, but she becomes way too energetic at times. At night she sleeps on the couch, but when the first ray of dawn appears she joyously jumps on the bed and sleeps with us. Every morning during my holiday I play fetch with her outside when having the first fag for the day. She's taken a liking to The One's garden shoes and will go on for hours. Playing with her, I wander around the garden and find the most urgent things to do.


Yesterday morning I decided that we'd have to undertake Project Driveway. I am ashamed to say that the driveway has become an untamed jungle of weeds and grass. My work simply allows no time or energy for anything outside itself. Still, look at how out of hand I'd allowed it to become!

The One was not feeling well, having been infected with 'flu. He weeded all the beds along the left of the photograph before going inside to lie down. I stayed in the blistering sun, encouraging myself to soldier on. I worked away until my fingers bled and my feet and knees were burnt by the scorching paving. 

Then I had a cool bath which soothed all my aches and pains. It was a great reward when it started raining softly and serenely.

This morning I just had time to mow the lawn and trim one edge along the driveway before the rain returned. There are still some weeds on the paving, but I can't be bothered. I'll just burn them bastards with boiling water which is supposed to work. The edge I carved out of the lawn with a blunt garden spade isn't quite straight, but then, neither am I.

I think the whole place is starting to look fresh and pretty, as people actually live here. The One planted flowers along one grey wall and they are growing beautifully. We can't wait to see them add some colour.

I forgot how satisfying it is to weed out unwanted things and then replace them with pretty ones.

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