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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

back to school

We are only four days into the new year and already I have to go back to work tomorrow. I suddenly have that old forgotten back-to-school feeling; you know the one – the sickening way you feel the day before school opens for a new year.

Luckily this is the year that the aliens are supposed to arrive to take us away; I only wish they'd chosen January instead of December. It is also the Chinese year of (the dragon), which I happen to think is a very positive sign.

Meanwhile I am applying tried and tested ancestral remedies to ease my pain. One of these is to browse through photos and to reminisce. I find the older the photos, the more effective they are. Yes, it it sentimental but it works.

If that doesn't ring your bell, just take copious amounts of new Russian Bear vodka with bitter lemon and mint on ice. It is guaranteed to make you feel better at once. Also, I listen to Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia as loudly as I think the neighbours should be able to handle. It blasts negative thoughts and feelings right out of my skull.

Anyway, yesterday I captured a beautiful moment on camera. We sat outside on our newly acquired plastic patio chairs while having a fag and a cider. We’d spent the morning getting the chairs which we could also use inside in a cinch. Just drape something over and add a colourful cushion, darling.

We procured a second hand coffee table at a nearby pawn shop as well. It is my new best friend and I shall name it Ralph.

Done with our light furniture shopping, we cleaned the house because Dirk and The One’s mother was scheduled to visit us this morning at 9:00. The One cleaned the dishes and I sanitised the television along with its grimy trolley. I also scrubbed The One’s grubby piano; the cats love bareback sleeping on the ebony and I am afraid they do seem to be rather unhygienic at times. After that The One swept and washed the floors while I mowed the lawn and did some chores to make it look neat. I even finished hanging blinds in the bathroom. We've had them ever since moving here.

Sitting outside, we rested our tired bones and allowed the breeze to cool us. The clouds above parted and allowed the afternoon sun to conjure a double rainbow for our benefit.

Even though the threatening rain didn’t materialise, it was really soothing to take it easy outside and to observe the workings of nature. I will regard the double rainbow as a very good omen for the year ahead and I will use it to chase off any evil thoughts directly.

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