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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Which one of us two
will have further to fall when the sun
has bleached itself out of existence,
when the moon
has drowned itself in the ocean?

This is a poem I dreamed of last night. I made a point of remembering it, but my dreams have suddenly become easier to remember in vivid detail.  Also, they've been more lucid lately and sometimes I feel in complete control of the happenings.

Pity I can’t say the same about my life. It is becoming increasingly hard to hang on to all these reins all of the time. Sometimes I lose my grip on one and then I bugger up at work, for example. On Friday I stopped counting when I’d reached five skirmishes with the boss. Yesterday, I had to see the Big Boss to explain why he had observed such a “bad vibe” at work earlier this week.


There was a spectacular full moon on Monday and I simply had to take a photo. The sky was a beautiful sad blue and it was profound to sit outside and behold Luna’s slow and solemn nocturnal procession.


Today is a day of laziness and recovery. I managed to mow the lawn yesterday after work and I even trimmed the edges. The One picked up Anna’s poop before I started and he swept up after me. The washing’s all I had to do today chore-wise and dear Gertude is pounding the dirt out of the last bundle as we speak. It happens to be the threadbare bed cover we sleep under in summer.


Never underestimate the power of an angry female cat.


If you have to drink Cane Spirits, at least use Creme Soda as a mixer. You won’t feel as violated.

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