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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

gardening 102

Our flashy Dianthus caryophyllus have all turned out to be plain old Tagetes erecta, even though the packet of seed clearly shows pink and white carnations for all to see. Never mind, the locals sorted out the darned caterpillars and they've disappeared.

What an odd photo. I swear, that's the way the camera saw the colours. I didn't change anything.

Another odd photo.

At first I almost discarded it, but then I decided to turn the shaky pic into my new desktop background. I love it, all green and pink. Hey, I'm an old fruit after all, give me a break.

While searching for those there Botanical names, I found a blog I love. Read this post for instance: call the oncall call centre for tbaoo.

Righty ho, back on track: Our pumpkin is doing spectacularly well.

I need a fag, so I'll just spare all of us the torture and end this poop. It's been a wonderful cool and rainy day, so there.

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