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Monday, January 09, 2012


My cunning little rainbow trick is not proving effective in combating my personal work dragon. In a desperate attempt to escape its vicious attacks, I have chosen a photo at random and I will now proceed to discuss it at some length.

This is a photo I took yesterday while The One cooked pet’s mince; here, he is about to hand the cooled meals to two hungry dogs and a young female wolf who joined our pack recently. There has been a bloody revolt from the feline contingent and they have managed to keep their ground thus far. One of these days, however, their respective aloofnesses will have to get with it and lose the tired medieval miasma of gloom.

Anyway, beyond my love’s moving hand you can see some of the chemicals we are systematically poisoning ourselves with. Aromat, which is basically 100% MSG. Pink salt, because we are gay. More sodium and MSG in our ubiquitous barbecue spice.

That reminds me of the wondrous way green and red basil seeds have germinated and are growing as fast as they can, where I planted them on the last day of last year.

And now, back to the photo under discussion. You will also notice a forlorn cat brush. It was used yesterday morning to brush the One We Do Not Speak Of. I managed to rid her of about half a pound of pure fluffy ginger hair, before she violently attacked my thigh, missing the artery by the breadth of the average pube.  Had I the means and the time, I could make a fortune selling cat hair yarn to nutty old ladies. Available in three shades: ginger, wildcat and American Tabby.

Lastly, the scattered crumbs. Well, I wanted to edit them out. But then I decided not to, because we occasionally do have crumbs on the counter. Don’t you?

This mindless chatter has to stop now and I will sign off with a brilliant photo The One snapped today. Anna is growing into a beautiful and powerful dog, without too much interference from me.

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