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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Thursday 26 January 2012 18:47:41 (CAT)

I just took this photo outside. It was overcast most of the day with fine, misty rain finally arriving at 15:00. As the sun started preparing for its sojourn across the other side of the planet, however, the sky cleared enough to allow le soleil a magnificent farewell.

Studying the photo, I notice that I inadvertently captured a neighbour driving past our gate. To my dismay I also see that the driveway’s dismally overgrown again, barely a month after I’d been certain I had earned an easy victory over them weed buggers. Apparently my best efforts had not been thorough enough to permanently banish the bastards.

An ever-growing month-end shopping list has sprouted from a magnetic document clip on the fridge door. It disrespectfully taunts me whenever I walk past. Comes payday on Sunday, the very first thing I will choose to purchase from the list? Industrial Bloody Strength Weed Killer. If you know any good brands, e-mail me.

Despite the alarming weeds and industrious neighbours I found it calming to drink in the peaceful sunset, exactly the way you’d doze in a comfy chair dragged close to a reassuring fire. The plants just loved the daily dose of rain and they seemed sad when the clouds withdrew in the glorious face of the setting sun. The bloody lawn sucked up every drop it could locate and on Saturday I’ll have to push our tiny mite lawnmower beyond his limits in order to tame the Amazonian growth.

Yes, it was rainy on Tuesday afternoon when Mother let me know that a great friend of my family had passed away. He’d survived heart disease for many years and had ironically been due for cardiac surgery the very next day. I’d known his family all my life, being the youngest of the four children my parents and Oom Johan and Tannie Faith reared. We often went on extended holidays with them and had great fun together. I regarded Oom Johan as another father. He was the kind of person who at the end of his life can look back at his work here, declaring it all good.

Sadly, though, life evolves and after Father’s suicide my life went off at an obscure tangent. I hardly ever saw the Erasmuses anymore and only had occasional updates about their lives from Mother, whom they still visited often.

Unexpected deaths frighten me because they make me think of other, closer deaths.

Requiescat In Pace, Johan Erasmus. I will always hold you dear.

Johan Erasmus
1943.12.06 – 2012.01.24


Friday 28 January 2012 20:27:37 (CAT)

As if I had not been shaken enough by some sadistic invisible hand, today slowly developed into a surreal nightmare at work – the hell to end all hells. At the end of the day I genuinely considered simply lying down so that the horde of bloodthirsty clients, employers and colleagues can hack off their pound of flesh. I’ve plenty to spare.

I also had the displeasure of discovering how easy it is to borrow money. A forgotten debt popped up like an inflamed haemorrhoid and had to be repaid immediately. Luckily banks specialize in dragging desperate people into personal debt and within an hour I procured enough, at in interest rate of 31%, to repay the rather frantic creditors on Tuesday or Wednesday. Still, I don’t like asking for help and it will be good to be free of at least one niggling debt.


Saturday 28 January 2012 14:54:41 (CAT)

Finally I have a second for myself. Now I can finish this post; it’s been dragging on for three days and the news is becoming rather stale.

Work was good this morning with no boss in sight. Even though it was very busy I managed to sort out some jobs which have been waiting since Monday.

Now I am home with the ones I love. We can all fantasize about the things that will be bought for us tomorrow  when cold hard cash will materialise in the bank account, for it will be payday. Surely this world will stop wobbling and shaking on such an auspicious occasion.

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