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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

of kieries and memory lanes

About a month ago we took Mother shopping and her cane (“kierie” in Afrikaans, with a nice quivering “r”)...where was I? Oh yes, Mother left her walking-stick in the car.

We drove around for weeks with the artificial cane hidden under the sun shade behind the front seats. Mother's had two of these stolen before, so it really pays to look after your prosthetics over here.

Anyway, when Mother had to attend a funeral last week she asked if she could have her cane back – she’d need it at the occasion. The One and I visited her specially to deliver it courier-style but we almost drove off with it again. As we were leaving something misfired in my brain and I remembered that the kierie was still stuck under the tatty foil shade.

Now press "Fast Forward" for a week and some days.

Today, The One visited Mother and he drove her into town to attend some official business. To make a long story short, the cane was left in the car once more and after about a week it has returned to settle cosily on the back seat, ready for action.

“Action on the car's back seat, what new devilry is at work here?” you may ask. This is not that kind of establishment and action here simply means ½ female Rottweiler hopefully jumping into the car every time a door opens. Simply put, Anna lurves the back seat.

Come to think of it, I wonder what the neighbours thought when they saw me photograph the back seat of our car in the darkness, a frivolous Rottie prancing about. 

Action on the back seat, indeed.

So, our “old” phones have been exchanged for a much abused Curve 8520 which we intend to use as a backup when one of the Torches die. Tonight I had the opportunity to come into raw contact with Old and Outdated Technology. The One wanted to use his laptop bag today so he’d dragged his old laptop out of its hiding place inside the bag. Hungry for amusement I switched it on and tried to copy precious lost photos and documents while using the Curve for a bit.

That’s my wondrous homemade AMD and its sexy 22” Samsung LED beyond the asthmatic but sturdy Amilo. And a little friend who often makes me feel better.

And that is the poor, unfortunate Curve, desperately trying to keep up. Alas, it has no touch screen and will be cast aside, only to be used in emergencies. Did you know you can call 112 from a BlackBerry with a drained battery? Or indeed, from one with no SIM card. Try it, I dare you. Just don’t get me into no trouble about prank calls to no Emergency Services.

After a while the laptop began to emit random hard disk errors and the screen died. Besides, the Curve was no fun – just look at those buttons. They’re practically gigantic globs of glue, the kind of stuff they use to help touch impaired blind people know their way around a microwave’s control panel.

I guess Memory Lane isn’t the place it used to be... I really needed to feel some five years younger.

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