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Sunday, February 19, 2012


In the middle of last night fierce thirst woke me and I consumed ¾ of a 2l bottle of chilled water from the fridge. It was just too hot to sleep again right away and I sat in the cool, dark living room for a while with various spread-eagled pets scattered about me on the tiled floors before going back to bed some three hours later.

I was up once more at 6:30am, ready to take Anna for her recently instated compulsory Sunday Walk. Sadly, it was raining hard and there was no way we could go walkies. I turned the phones off and went back to sleep again without even having woken The One.

At 10:26am our ageing fan became exhausted from fanning all night and started sagging against a bedpost for support. The bed violently vibrated and I was instantly awake but The One contently slept on. Even though I tried to ride it out I really don’t like the way a buzzing bed makes me feel and I got up to go have a fag. 

Outside I found that the weather had been transforming. The rain had ceased and the solid clouds were slowly melting away in the face of the sun. Many patches of blue sky could be seen. It was not cool anymore; the air was humid and fecund and the forceful sun was scorching.

We had so many things to do yesterday that I never had a chance to mow the lawn. It had to be done today, though, despite the tropical conditions. I’ve been using the lawnmower’s highest setting for a while because the grass is just too long for the medium setting. Even so it took more than an hour to get through the dense week old growth. I was pooped when I finished and soaked in perspiration.

The One didn't want to feature in the obligatory photo. Here I am with Afred, Geoffrey and Anna. No, no, I’m not trying to do a hot striptease - I’m trying to cover my shame, using the dripping shirt which I'd got rid of as soon as the lawn manicure was complete in an attempt to lower my dangerously high body temperature.

Yes, and Alfred scratches hisself; The One avoids the camera, Geoffrey sits meaninglessly and Little Miss Hellion cowers with me, hiding in a shady spot from the vicious sun like vampires. 

See the neat-edged emerald lawn beyond, though. It is a pleasure to walk upon and it seems to draw stress right out of my tired-ass bones.

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