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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap year day

I only have the occasion to write about this once every four years, but I really think ye gods could have spared us this year’s extra day which was (is, will be) today – 29 February 2012.

Early and late the Bank contacted me to inform me that all our loan repayments were late. Today is the 29th and they are only supposed to sniff out their pound of flesh from the 30th, but because of this month’s weird configuration their systems did not register that the payments had been made. I checked and double checked.

On a more positive note, work has transformed itself into an asylum for the criminally insane. My job is to go and play with the violent inmates every day. Even so, my work day was more crazy than normal.

A single light shone through the murk, though: our very expensive online-ordered picket fences unexpectedly arrived by courier today. We’d ordered them more than a month ago. I wasn’t here and had to manage the delivery as best I could from work, where we aren’t supposed to use personal phones; it upsets them crazies.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photograph but I had only one go because the sudden flash upset all the dogs in the area and they all barked insanely and viciously. Luckily I know it’s still some months before the aliens come.

The One had to drag the whole lot inside from where the rude courier people dumped it in front of the neigbours' gate. Apparently, they watched him like zombies.

Shamelessly I didn't even bother to edit away the overgrown pavement. I think I shall buy some ol' gasolina and burn them while sadistically grunting with pleasure. 

While on the subject I just remembered another light that brightened this day: after having battled with my nemesis for some days, The One is slowly recovering and is better tonight. ‘Nuff said. Tomorrow we go to the Towns to procure Medication from the Physicians that dwell there.

Anyway, besides the gorgeous washing line you can see our new fences neatly wrapped in food grade cling film, flimsy as a butterfly’s wings. Yes, I wonder too. Still, there out in the open sit some of our dreams for this little kingdom of ours. Finally The One will be able to start the veggie garden and we’ll have more control over where the dogs go. 

I just don’t have a clue how to go about erecting them pretties. With the help of the ‘net and a shoehorn I’m sure we’ll manage, though.


The One is off on a two week visit to his mom in Napier so I will have loads of free time during which I intend to dab the naked fences with creosote to stop them rotting before we figure out what the next step is.


I hope you had (have, will have) a good leap year day, and a heartfelt Happy Birthday to those of you whose birthday it is.

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