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Saturday, March 10, 2012

13 souls

We are thirteen souls under this roof tonight. There’s me, and our three dogs, and our three cats and Pippin, which makes eight. The One doesn’t feature in my calculation because he is on holiday with his mother in the Cape, as described before.

I am also providing accommodation for Mother’s four cats since she has gone on holiday as well and returns the same day as The One – a week from tomorrow.

While we went with royal names for our cats (Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary) and dogs (Alfred, Geoffrey, Anna), Mother went with herb names and continued the trend I started when I named my first cat Saffron. Mother became her slave when I left the house.

Over the years Mother’s added Ginger (also known as The Large One) and Basil (shown sulking here). He sits moodily on the window-sill in the bathroom, which are the quarters that he will be confined to for the next week. Anyway, the tiny white thing on the first photo with Saffron is the latest addition - Rosemary. She is the sweetest thing. She purrs when I play with her. I seem to be allergic to her a little – when I'm in the same room my eyes tear up and my nose itch like crazy. Sadly, there is no antihistamine in the house so I’ll just have to commandeer some of those hardy genes from my Voortrekker forebears and stick out the hives as well.

So, to recap:

(a) 1+3 +3+1=8
(b) 1+1+1+1=4
(c) (a) + (b)=12

One missing then. That would be Mother’s geriatric Rottweiler, Joe.

It’s like that problem of the goat and the cabbage and the wolf. Anna can’t be with Joe because he desperately wants to give her babies and I desperately don’t want him to. She’s only eight months old! Besides, there’s going to be a great risk of parvo infection to puppies here for a long while yet.

Either of the Rotties can be with Alf and Geoff., who can be with our three cats with or without Anna. The three cats and the two sets of two cats can never meet. Neither can the three cats and Joe. Meal times are even more complicated and segregated.

Anyway, Joe is staying with us because the kennels can only take him early tomorrow morning. I really hope he will be happy there. He is very old. I was sad tonight because I realised how very old he is. I made him happy, though, by rubbing his chest the way I used to when I still lived with him. He lay on his back and made the same noises he made back then.

So that’s the thirteen of us sleeping here tonight.

Crazy little post, yeah? My whole world’s been upside down since The One left. Work, home, just every bloody thing. Just think about it: here I am in this stuffy little room with hay fever, serenely typing away.

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