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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cabin fever

It all started at 20:00 tonight when I fished my lighter out of my pyjama pocket where I stashed it after the last fag before bed last night. I then proceeded to sleep with it in my pocket. All day long I missed it and wondered so where I put it; as soon as I got home tonight, though, I remembered.

That's when I also remembered that I should give you a little update about my week so far, the second and mercifully the last week of The One's absinthe. I mean absence.

Let's see. Late Saturday night I became violently ill with food poisoning. The culprit was a tin of baked beans I'd eaten earlier. They tasted funny but I was so hungry I just added more Aromat and wolfed down the lot. Even though I felt terribly weak and had a splitting headache the next morning, I still managed to be up on time and delivered Joe to the kennels at the appointed hour. Then I slowly crept home and tried to make myself feel better with doing the stacks of dishes and half the usual amount of washing.

I also managed to install a tricky little surprise for The One to enjoy upon his return.

Later that day what I thought was severe hay fever became a nasty cold. By Sunday evening I was running a fever and I'd developed a rasping, incessant cough. All I had to doctor myself with was Echinacea, Disprin, Allergex and Marmite. With rooibos. Oh, and Vicks Acta-Plus cough medicine.

The milk hat turned sour so I fed it to the dogs with their dinners.

I struggled to keep my head above the surface of the cesspools at work the next day but I managed to drag my sick, exhausted ass through Monday and through Tuesday. This morning I felt better for the first time. I took a lot of hammering at work today and when I left there exactly 12 hours after clocking in, the nasty cough was back and I felt poorly. I'll have to go back to my little cold cure recipe. It really seems to make it better, placebo effect or no.

Now that you know how my week's been so far, what interesting little surprises do your suppose Thursday will bring? Only four more nights until my love is back to chase off the bad luck and these random fevers.
Tonight I spotted a satellite serenely making its way across the night sky without even searching for one. I shall take it as a very good omen.

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