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Sunday, March 04, 2012

I'm better at hello

We said our goodbyes at home yesterday afternoon before I took The One away to his two week holiday in the Cape. I guess public affection is still frowned upon and I do tend to get emotional and runny. I managed to contain myself admirably when I dropped him off and watched him depart. Then I reluctantly had to return to the normal hustle and bustle of a regular Saturday. I visited Mother and took her shopping, put petrol in the car, the usual stuff.

Later when I got home the loneliness struck, though. My love was gone and comes not again.

We BBM'd a few times before I spent a few hours asleep – roughly from 1:00am to 5:00am. That’s all I could manage on my own. Somewhere in the night Geoffrey decided to be sick in the bed, but I only found out this morning after rolling in it. That is One of the Trials of a pet owner.

I came home too late yesterday to do it so today I mowed the lawn. I also watered the herb garden and washed all the bedding and clothes. I'm glad I could get them to dry so quickly - the sun was scorching and there was a decent, dry wind.

While I was busy manicuring the lawn, some stupid children from next door peeped over the wall and threw things. I chased them off but they were soon back and I had a really hard time getting rid of them. I even used the garden hose, to no avail. In the end they got bored and went off by themselves, wicked little bastards.

Then some other children from other neighbours started throwing stones over the wall. I was so angry that I dragged a brick right up against the wall, stood on it and told them off. The demonic little menaces ran away.

After I’d had a bath I had lunch. It was pretty unspectacular: tomato and cheese sandwich x 2. It was a good sandwich but I would have liked to see watercress and smoked salmon on there and I'd replace the chewy cheddar with Roquefort.

Anyway, I hate cooking just for myself so tonight's menu isn't any more thrilling. Toast with fried egg and a can of baked beans. What can I say, times here are really tough.

My life without The One, even for only two weeks, is going to be bleak, unspectacular, ordinary and not very exciting.

And apparently all the evil children in the neighbourhood are going to attack me.

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