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Friday, March 23, 2012

report part deux

Just a short little update on the last post.

Apparently the boss chased off the demanding client I mentioned in that post. Nobody had bothered to let me know and I had an uneasy time until I returned to work. Maybe that was their plan.

Sadly, during my two day absence work did not metamorphose into something beautiful and the usual miasma of doom persists.


Life at home is also back to normal, more or less.

Anna, who turned 8 months old little more than a week ago, suddenly became fertile (to put it mildly) and while I refuse to disclose the gruesome details, I'll say this: Imagine a very ripe fig bursting with sweet juice and you'll be on the right track.

As I said, more or less normal.

I've taken to attacking rebellious parts of the garden after work, ferociously forking out anything that doesn't belong, as can be seen here. Please try to ignore my enormous a$$.

I find the vigorous activity calms my frayed nerves. On Monday, the boss returns and I'm just like that man in the Bible whose master returns unexpectedly to check up.

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