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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If the time before The One's return was coloured blue with flashes of crystalline surrealism, then it's been blood red ever since he came back.

I picked him up just after 10:00 on Sunday and my little world became complete once again. I was very thankful that he had returned to me in one piece, minus a hat or two that had mysteriously disappeared from his luggage during the journey.

Anyway, the pets were also very glad to see him. All 12 of them, in fact, welcomed the fresh face. Mother's house had been fumigated in her absence and her pets could only return the next morning. We were still looking after Saffron, Rosemary, Ginger, Basil and Joe, together with our own Alfred, Geoffrey, Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary, Anna and Pippin. Had the authorities come to hear of this amateur pet hoarder, I don't know what they would have done; I think it's safe to say I would have ended up in a little white room with padded walls, wearing the latest in straight jacket.

The trip with Mother's five pets and The One and I was a bit bizarre. Who knows what the attendant at the toll both thought? Four frivolous and loud cats in the car with a drooling Rottie hanging out the back window. About halfway there Basil managed to escape from his wooden basket and chose to sit by his beloved friend Joe.

You must be wondering what The One's surprise was that I mentioned before. Well, even if you didn't wonder, I'll still tell you: 

Yes, I installed a ceiling fan to replace the rickety and noisy standing one we bought way back in Riviera Close.

As a special bonus for safely completing his journey, the second part of The One’s surprise was that I had taken leave from work for Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday being a public holiday (21 March 2012 - Human Rights Day).

To my horror, though, one of my worst fears came true when first one and then another person from work bothered me. On Monday I had to spend 6 hours to finish a design for a very important and demanding client. Just as I was starting to relax again, around 12:00pm on Tuesday I was unexpectedly told that the changed design had to be finished on that same day. I asked to be sent the files and stuff so I could attend to the required changes, but I haven’t heard anything from work since then. My day was completely spoiled because I constantly worried about what had happened and why they had not replied.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I return to the salt mines. Taken leave? Yes, taken leave of my senses. This is why I never take leave.

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