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Friday, April 06, 2012


You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness.

Those are lyrics from our latest favourite song: Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (feat Kimbra). Yum.

The lyrics made me think that I don’t want to be all bitchy and moany today. So, even though we are snugly nestled between rising petrol prices (R11.77 or $1.50 per liter) and sky-rocketing municipal bills, I will be a little more cheery for the benefit of all.

These days I simply use my phone to snap a photo when I want to remember something that I want to post about. Some of these have been posted on FaceBook, but I’m sure you will excuse the repetition for those who haven’t befriended me there. 

The One asked me for a photo of myself on the evening before his return. I sent him this one. I really like it and I’m busy turning it into my new FaceBook profile photo.

The One sent me this one of himself the morning of his return. Just look at those sparkly eyes.

That’s old Joe when he stayed with us until he could return to Mother. What a mission it was, with Anna bursting at the seams from being in season. She even had Alfred and Geoffrey wild with desire towards the end. Thankfully that’s over for five months or so.

Me working in the garden some days after The One came back. He stuck the flower there - he uses this photo as his phone’s wallpaper.

Out of the blue Lizz suddenly became most violent – especially towards Anna. When The One tried to rescue Lizz from being eaten during a little skirmish, she bit him badly.

While printing a 6m (20 foot) long banner my thoughts about clients and their unreasonable demands were reflected in the words on the banner as it slowly crept out of the printer. ASSholes.

Another one from work: I had to oversee the branding on this vehicle even though it was not my client. As I explained to the irate client who also thought the lettering wasn’t on straight: It’s an optical illusion. The lettering is level with the ground – the slanted curves of the bakkie make it look tilted. Stand back a meter or three and have another look.

Consuming an entire large sack of salt and vinegar crisps during the end of the month festivities at our house causes painful acid burns on my poor tongue.

Strangely, The One does not suffer from this affliction.

I was unexpectedly taken for a fool on 1 April, which was last Sunday. I got up early (this photo was taken at 6:34am) to have a smoke before returning to bed. Something caught my eye and I saw a cat hastily scrambling up a tree. I didn't have my contact lenses in; luckily I had my phone handy to take a snap so that I could see what the hell was going on. I thought one of our cats had escaped when I came outside. Thankfully it was only a neighbourhood tom looking for a good time. Apparently he’d been told that two skanky feline sisters lived here. I convinced him to leave.

This was my birthday present from The One: The Sims 3 – Pets expansion pack. I’d been getting bored with the game, so this is a welcome new addition. It really reinforces the God feeling when you can control pets as well.

As always I recreated our little family in the game, but this time I wasn’t as obsessive and I only made them a little bit like us. I did give them two pets: a cat called Liza and a Rottweiler named Ann. True to life, when Liza vomited Ann ate it all up with great gusto. Then she went to sleep for a while before depositing her own steaming pile of sick on the lawn.

I was disgusted when she wanted to eat her own vomit as well, so I made her go inside. Liza likes to just sit and stare at Woody, the Macaw.

In real life, I managed to snap Anna just after a visit to the cat litter tray. She keeps it pristine.

I took leave on my birthday since we had some chores to do in the morning. On the way back home I received a little birthday surprise from the traffic police. In a routine road block they pulled us over and we were shocked to find out that we’d somehow neglected to renew the car’s license. I was slapped with a R250 ($32) fine as well as one demerit point on my driver’s license.

After we got home we decided to plant the poles for one of the fences. They were still sitting in their packaging, merrily rotting away. It was very hard work but we managed to dig four holes and to set the poles in them with concrete. That was my birthday present from me to me.

I received a lot of birthday messages from across the globe. A very large thank you to everyone who wished me well!

There was another surprise for me on Tuesday when I returned to work. It was definitely a better one – a chocolate cake and a happy birthday song from work. I was allowed to take the leftover cake home and I had it for dinner.

This morning I only got up just before midday. It felt like a good day to fasten the picket fences onto their poles. The concrete had hardened most beautifully and it wasn’t so difficult to finish the construction. We even added a gate.

I know it’s not all straight but we’ll just tell everyone we are going for the rustic look. It is very sturdy, though, even though it was constructed by the fence fairies.

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