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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fence 2 - check!

This story takes off right where this one left off: Sunday, after we dug the holes for the second fence’s poles.

On Sunday evening The One stepped into one of the holes in the dark and darn near cracked his skull. He was okay but we took no chances and early on Monday morning I set off to the towns to purchase concrete mix (on account) and by 13:00 the poles stood setting in their concrete boots.

Some of the pets even gave their seal of approval by stamping their paws in the wet concrete.

Anyway, today is Wednesday so the concrete’s had plenty of time to set properly. I sneaked off from work at 17:09 and raced home. It took 40 minutes with the bloody traffic but as soon as I got here we finished hanging the gate and fastening the pickets with no major problems. We’re becoming real pros.

Then we spitefully left the dogs in the back yard and for the first time enjoyed the feeling of having the front yard to ourselves. No more insane barking at people innocently using our street. No more locking up the whole stash of pets when using the front gate. I suspect that it is going to be wonderful.

Obviously, we’re continuing the rustic look by not fastening everything perfectly straight and level on purpose.

Our fence supply is dwindling; except for some off-cuts from the tall fences, all that remain are the three lengths of low picket fence, some shifty-looking poles and a forlorn little gate. These are to be used for fencing The One’s vegetable garden. I am sure you will read about it here ad nauseam in the foreseeable future.

The only thing left to do after that is to paint all the fences. We’re going to go with classic white, but we’ll have to use all of the winter months to save and settle the hardware account first so we can buy primer and paint on it again. Do you have any idea how expensive that stuff is? It’s like buying Chanel N° 5 and then slopping it over a rough pine fence.

Winter? Yes, all of a sudden it is late autumn, early winter.

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