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Sunday, April 29, 2012

from here to there and back

As mentioned before, we’ve been helping Mother move. Today, we reported for duty around 11:00 for the final shift as the saga spilled over to a third terrifying day.

To help you understand the enormous impact of the move, it is best to describe it using images.

So, moving this

from here

to there

is like moving this


Anyway, we have some ba-a-ad karma to try and repay; besides, we love Mother. She buys us candy so we had no qualms about helping wherever we could. Today we had to fix a light or two at her old place and also remove some fences and concrete wall panels. The fences proved to be a little too much for the fence fairies and we had to call in reinforcements in the form of brother-in-law handyman bear Cas. He had them down in no bloody time.

We had some car trouble last night with Mother’s car when we wanted to move it there. On top of it all it started pouring with rain and we also had to press on Cas’ button to help us tow the stubborn car.

All in all, I think Mother's all dug up and moved to fresh new pastures with success, give or take about 50%. I hope she’ll live happily ever after there with all her pets.

Our insignificant list of personal injuries include:
  • our male egos – to our shame today we discovered that neither The One or I can single-handedly carry a solitary concrete wall slab or even remove a TV aerial
  • mysterious nicks and bruises on our thighs
  • scratched, rough hands from lifting and dragging the weighty, jagged wall slabs
  • an assortment of smashed fingers, mangled toes and stiff muscles

In other words, nothing as serious as poor uprooted Mother.


Last night when we drove home a trio of green plastic garden chairs suddenly jumped in front of the car. There was no time to stop and we drove right over the buggers on the dark N4 at 100km/h (62mph).

I had to stop because the maimed plastic got stuck under the car and noisily dragged along. I was so angry at the asses who hadn’t fastened the chairs properly that I didn’t even realise how dangerous it was to get out of your car in the middle of the night next to a deserted road in this violent country. After a cursory inspection I reversed fiercely and most of the debris was left behind but we had to drag the last twat out by the legs, kicking and screaming. Nothing on our precious car was damaged save a plastic CV joint cover which was half ripped apart.

We drove off and a short distance later spotted the truck which had lost the chairs. I hooted and showed them a couple of lewd signs as we passed. 

I hope that means some more bad karma’s taken care of.


I guess moving is really dusty work. These are our shirts from yesterday as well as our grotty bathwater.

We haven't taken tonight's bath yet. I suppose it's time. These days, we share a bath in order to save the planet as well as our battered budget, especially since City Tshwane’s opinion about fair rates for water and electricity differs from ours by a factor of 10.

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