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Monday, April 09, 2012


As described previously, my birthday present from The One was the expansion pack “Pets” for The Sims 3. I guess I am a little obsessed with pets, but I thought it would be fun to post a little information sheet about all our real life pets.

Here they are, in alphabetical order.


Alfred likes basking in the sun

Born: 20 September 2008 (Virgo)
Likes: Food, basking in the sun, snuggling, going for a drive, peeing
Dislikes: Frogs, having his face cleaned, de-worming tablets

Friendly, loyal and a good companion. Alpha male. Headstrong and would rather fight than fly, no matter the size of the opponent. Does ballet stretches and hand-stands while urinating. 

Reminds me of: Sir Winston Churchill


Anna helps out by reducing an unwanted piece of wood to slimy slivers

Born: 15 July 2011 (Cancer)
Likes: Eating (anything), chewing (anything), running (anywhere)
Dislikes: Smoking, sleeping on the floor, being scolded, paper bags

Hyper, adventurous, excitable. Stalks strangers at the gate and suddenly barks at them. Loves any kind of destructive activity, preferably using teeth or paws. Challenges herself to increase her poop size every time, three times a day. Cuddly bear cub when sleepy. Takes her job as Cat Poop Ingester very seriously.

Reminds me of: Angelina Jolie


Elizabeth stares down a rogue pigeon on the driveway. Is he trying to commit suicide?

Born: 28 February 2009 (Pisces)
Likes: Being outside, lurking, stalking
Dislikes: Being touched, being carried, being disturbed, chilled tinned food, any form of pet medication, air freshener, cat litter, Anna, strangers, rain, cold tile floors in winter, etc.

Adores cuddling under the covers in the middle of the night in winter. Super intelligent. Very neat. Bites when aggravated.

Reminds me of: HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England


Geoffrey imagines he is in the car, going for a cruise

Born:  1 October 2008 (Aquarius)
Likes: Barking, sitting on someone’s lap, chicken, thoroughly cleaning Alfred’s face, going for a drive, feet
Dislikes: Shouting, being unable to get on the bed by himself, long and dirty coat

Nervous and neurotic. Doesn’t care much for food. Some consider him slow. Good companion.

Reminds me of: Woody Allen


Mary supplements her dietary fibre by eating grass

Born: 15 July 2007
Likes: Sleeping, grass, rolling in sandy ground
Dislikes: Dogs, loud noises, sudden movements, having belly touched

Adopted from an abusive home. Would rather be indoors than out – the quintessential housecat. Very intelligent.

Reminds me of: Orphan Annie


Pippin watches two intruders he spots in the mirrors

Born: No idea. Probably September 2011 (Aquarius)
Likes: Eating, playing with his mirrors. Watching television, having cage cleaned
Dislikes: Cat attacks

Was found fluttering about outside one evening; almost became Anna food. Always cheerful and chirpy.

Reminds me of: Umm... Tweety


Victoria’s definition of playing outside is jumping about between the two bathroom windowsills and the open bedroom window, which leads to her sanctuary: the bedroom

Born: 22 February 2010 (Pisces)
Likes: Cold milk, sleeping, food, heaters
Dislikes: Anna, strangers, fireworks

Adopted from a family member who found her abandoned when she was about a month old. Sweet little darling.

Reminds me of: Helena Bonham Parker

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