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Friday, May 25, 2012

clutch, no clutch

Whenever The One is unwell, my world suddenly becomes very small. He is the focus of my attention at those times as I try to guide him to the light at the end of a dark tunnel which I can see but he cannot.

My prayers are always the same when I feel this powerless. Please don’t let this be the time.

As I gradually lost my clutch on reality this week so did the car’s clutch, which problem I mentioned in the previous post posted way back on the 17th.

The clutch lasted until Saturday the 19th when it disappeared as I left work.

I managed to reach home with no clutch by simply acting as though I couldn’t drive a stick shift. If you rev the engine hard enough you can push it into first or second without the use of a clutch. Can’t be very good for the car. 

We managed to “fix” it on the Sunday by using proper tools and daylight. We properly adjusted the cable to within inches of its life. Even though the clutch was still hard it worked properly all week.

Apparently something is still wrong because when The One and I drove through a very disreputable part of town the clutch again suddenly vanished. Cars behind us hooted and angrily drove around us. The car was having none of that driving without a clutch again and refused to budge. Finally I managed to forcefully push the gear lever into reverse to get onto the pavement.

In the dark with glowing eyes watching us from every corner and by the light of a cellphone we adjusted the bob again as best we could. It barely lasted us up the driveway but at least we were safe.

Using our proper tools and language we first investigated a front indicator which pops out of its socket from time to time. If it wasn’t for its umbilical wires it would have been lost ages ago. Who knows, maybe it’s suicidal.

It seems the entire plastic light fixture is held in place by a single plastic jig which has neatly broken off. We used our handy LED torches and in no time removed the injured part. The One will glue it with superglue to set overnight, and I’ll reattach the plastic blob before work tomorrow.

Then we felt brave enough to move on to the serious stuff. We adjusted the clutch cable to its absolute maximum.

Hopefully it lasts until Tuesday. Payday. If you have any tips on replacing clutch cables, now is the time to imbue us with advice.

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