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Monday, May 07, 2012

fences, balls, reunions and such

I'm sorry to have missed my usual Sunday evening post but The One and I had a little skirmish with a half-forgotten jigger of Whisky in the bottom of a bottle. No harm done, here the post is now instead:

If you are as fed up with fences as we are, I am sure you will appreciate the fact that there is no photo of our latest fence (finished yesterday) which completes the trilogy of “rustic” picket fences we decided to DIY. I will also not bore you with all the sordid details about how the planned veggie garden is finally fenced in and safe from destructive large canines.

Just yesterday the neighbours’ kids threw a bloody expensive looking mini Adidas soccer ball over the wall and Anna eliminated it before we could toss it back. Later on she tried to look all serene – Saint Anna – with a halo and all. We know her evil heart, though, and how she suffers no intruders.

Anyway, when we helped Mother move last week I shamelessly stole a photo from her. It was taken at my matric farewell which glamorous event took place at the Pretoria Country Club way, way back in 1992. Strangely, at work today I stumbled upon a website purely by chance where details of my looming matric reunion were posted. Apparently it will be held on 15 September at the Pretoria Country Club­ – exactly 20 years after the photo was taken. I haven’t decided if I want to go yet but I suppose my curiosity will prevail – I need to see how much fatter and older than I my classmates have become.

The fences weren't all we were up to during the weekend. We also managed to clean the car inside and out – big improvement, no?


Un deux trois

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I created this composition some years ago. “One, two, three! The race is on!” The idea behind the composition concerns the pre-potential energy a person possesses which enables them to sprint away – a flow of energy. It is composed in binary form. Please feel free to leave comments and I hope you will enjoy it.

Written by I and The One