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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Its official: winter was declared today as Mary decided she prefers the unmade bed to anywhere else. In related news, Alfred searches out the sun and falls into a deep sleep anywhere he finds an unattended sunny spot.

The garden looks rather barren but even so we finally inaugurated the veggie pen with the ceremonious planting of two pumpkin sprouts we got way back when Mother moved. They were guarded over by our serene Buddha statue since they came here; we also parked a herd of tiny Egyptian stone elephants around them and placed a wild Botswana rose quartz crystal nearby. Hopefully the pumpkins will flourish and attract the best karma.

The frangipani throws off its leaves as quickly as it can manage while Lizz explores the wasteland nearby. Finding only dry vegetation, straggling weeds and sandy soil she takes refuge in the cosy bedclothes with her feline sisters.

All these things mark the start of the turning of a much-needed new leaf for The One and I.

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