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Sunday, June 10, 2012

blood & change

I know it's been a while since I posted, if you ignore the happy photos from this afternoon. Our lives seem to have suddenly become an out of control spiral again and it has not been an easy month.


On Thursday night Lizz viciously attacked me when I tried to pick her up. She'd been in quarantine for a week since she loudly started broadcasting that she was once more ready to have babies.

The fact that no toms made an appearance must have irritated her because she nearly decapitated my left middle finger when I touched her. The bite was intensely painful and bled a lot all over the bathroom... I wonder what the police would have thought.

When that bloody cat doesn't want to be picked up then by no man shall she be picked up.

Anyway, whether from the blood loss or the shock and pain, I came over all faint and The One had to help me to bed and revive me.


Today I spent the entire day updating my portfolio to go with my newly renovated CV. Let's see if I can dazzle up a new job.

For too long I've been like a dog sitting on a patch of thorns, yelping about the discomfort but too lazy to get up.

After all, you have to BE the change you desire in this world.

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