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Saturday, July 14, 2012


We had an adventurous day today and caught the bus to see if it would work for The One to go see his doctors and get his medication once a month. He doesn’t always feel comfortable to drive there in the hectic traffic so we’ve been investigating alternatives.

I had a few misgivings when we left the house at 8:45 this morning, but they proved to be unnecessary as the bus picked us up right on time at 9:10. On top of that the bus stop is a very short walk from our front door and very convenient.

There were a few others on the bus and some more got on along the route but there was plenty of space for everyone. The bus was also spotless inside and the trip to our destination took about twenty minutes.

When we got off ran some neglected errands since we were already in town. After that we had a coffee and a fag in the minute smoker’s section of the Wimpy and listened to the other smokers’ chatter – one woman said that they were discriminating against us smokers by sticking us in the tiny space.

Anyway, we forgot to get our mail but w collected a parcel at the Post Office and then walked back to the bus stop. We were a little early and had to hang around a bit but the bus was there exactly on time again. We settled into our seats and relaxed for the journey back home.

We alighted where we got on earlier and strolled home. Brilliant – reliable, affordable public transport.

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